Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality means the quality of the air present inside a building be it a house or an office or even a factory that is being inhaled by occupants.

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Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair

When it comes to living, breathing clean air is probably one of the most important factors to have a long life.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

At less than twenty square miles, Northridge is one of the San Fernando Valley’s smallest communities.

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Trained air duct coating repair technicians

If you need quick answers to HVAC unit cleaning and air duct cleaning questions, just click on this site to get the best answers.

  • What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

    Air duct cleaning will ensure dirt, dust, bacteria and contaminants are removed from the ducts and, thus, the indoor atmosphere will be clean. Dust in the house will be eliminated as well as health hazards. The HVAC system will work more efficiently and you will be saving a lot on energy consumption.

  • Why does my restaurant stink?

    Restaurants may have various odor problems starting from the condition of the dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood, which is supposed to be clean and absorb odors, to the HVAC system. Make sure air ducts are clean, as suggested by our experts in Northridge, and odors will disappear. Mold concentrated in the ducts will release bad odors.

  • Why does air duct mold attack human health?

    The repercussions of mildew to the human organism are awful. They may affect the respiratory system and trigger allergic reactions. In some cases, our experts in Northridge say that people suffer a lot from asthma attacks because mold is born from dirty sources in high moisture, contaminated environments and, thus, mold is our worst enemy.

  • Why is air duct cleaning important?

    There are a number of benefits of air duct cleaning. It will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, reduce energy bills and can remove any stale odors from the home. However, Air Duct Cleaning Northridge advises that cleaning also has health benefits. The accumulation of dirt in your ducts can compromise the air quality and could be responsible for a several medical issues including allergic reactions, headaches, fatigue and flu like symptoms.

  • Would cleaning my ducts help my allergies?

    Research has documented that the state of cleanliness in your air duct system can actually have a great impact on your indoor air quality. If you have a great standard of air quality, you will be breathing in fewer potential contaminants. Therefore, you are far more likely to suffer with allergy problems or other condition such as asthma, since there are fewer allergens in the air. Many people have noticed immediate benefits after having their ducts cleaned.

  • Can air duct cleaning eliminate allergies?

    When allergies are caused by the contaminated indoor air quality and they are not the symptoms of any other medical problems, air duct cleaning in combination with house and carpet cleaning will do the job. Many properties breathe only through the HVAC system and if there is contaminated air coming through the air ducts, it is evident that you will grow allergies. Air duct sanitizing is the solution.

  • Are dryer problems dangers?

    Your dryer is actually one of the most dangerous appliances since it produces high temperatures. Heat in combination with concentrated lint from the wet clothes can actually cause fire. Cleaning a dryer vent will actually be your solution. Dryer vents cleaning will ensure that lint and dirt accumulated in the ducts will be removed and the appliance will breathe. When air cannot escape problems will escalate and there is a high possibility for fire.

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